"Just Like Yours"

Hamilton & District Extend-A-Family spent this past Saturday afternoon at the Kool Klay Kafe, in Dundas. Some of us entered this time feeling tuckered out and some of us began with some anxiety, overwhelmed by a room full of new people, sights, and sounds. But, we all settled in to enjoy our time together, using our creative energy and sharing words of encouragement. It ended up being a great way to spend an afternoon! We all enjoyed meeting our two newest volunteers, Kristina and Brian. Welcome!

A wonderful family came in toward the end of the afternoon, once most of our friends had finished up. The oldest son in this family has a diagnosis of ASD. At one point, he seemed to notice a man who was looking right at him. This boy looked right at him and asked what colour his eyes were. The man replied that his eyes were brown. "Just like yours," he added. "Just like yours," our friend said with a smile. The man left with a smile, too. Here are some of our creations, as varied and colourful as the people who made them!


Hamilton & District Extend-A-Family spent one rainy night last week at the movies. We usually take in a film at The Movie Palace, on Concession St., here in Hamilton. We love the flickering lanterns, the great old benches with cushions and tables for our treats, and the theatre's reasonable rates! It was the opening night of Astro-Boy.

I think it's fair to say that everyone -- children, teens, volunteers, and staff members -- really enjoyed this film. The movie celebrates family, friendship, generosity, and the special gifts that each one of us has. It's a feel-good movie about a kid who doesn't feel like he fits in, but who manages to find his way in the world and touch many lives in the process.